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Coldwell Banker Holiday TV Spot – Crowded House

Coldwell Banker Holiday TV Spot – Crowded House

If you haven’t noticed, the holidays are upon us. In years past, Coldwell Banker has done some unique holiday related advertising. Last year, we created a billboard in Times Square that featured agents and locations with holiday themed names.

This year we partnered with NBC to not only create a holiday themed TV spot, but also advertise on some of the most notable holiday programs. This week, we launch our holiday themed ad which we call “Crowded House.” Our recent survey of consumers showed that 40% of people have more than 15 people living under one roof during the holiday season! As you’ll see in the video below, we played off that concept in what we think is a relatable TV commercial.

In addition, this new ad will be running on the marquee holiday programs on NBC including the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting as well as other holiday related programs throughout the upcoming weeks.

As we reference in an earlier blog post, the holidays bring out a new appreciation for home and it plays a larger role in the memories and the enjoyment of the holiday season. From our home to yours we hope you have a happy holiday season.

Take a look at our holiday ad below and be on the lookout for it this week on NBC.

Prices down, sales up: Local values fall less than nationwide

Prices down, sales up: Local values fall less than nationwide

Posted: Saturday, November 19, 2011 10:45 pm
By KEVIN POST Business Editor |

Anthony D'Alicandrp

The housing market shared in the summer economic slump, brought on by the downgrade of the U.S. credit rating, impotent congressional squabbling over deficit reduction and Europe’s self-inflicted debt crisis.

Home prices fell again, but by less in the southern New Jersey shore market, the latest data from the National Association of Realtors show.

Home sales, though, increased everywhere from a year ago — up 13 percent in New Jersey — helped by record low mortgage interest rates.
In the Atlantic, Cape May and Cumberland counties region, the median home price in the third quarter was down 3.8 percent from a year ago to $220,600.

That was better than the 4.7 percent decline nationwide and 6.5 percent drop in the Northeast.

Anthony D’Alicandro, president of the Atlantic City & Atlantic County Board of Realtors and broker/owner of Coldwell Banker Casa Bella Realtors in Linwood, said the price drop is a function of supply and demand, with too much inventory and too many distressed properties on the market.

Another factor is low consumer confidence, which is lower than it was in 2008, he said.

But overall, D’Alicandro said he feels good about the housing market and “the little bit of growth we’re seeing.”
A healthy market grows slowly, as it did in the early 1990s, he said, not like the housing bubble in the following decade that ended in the current oversupply.

“We will see an initial decline in prices, and then nine to 12 months from now, we’ll start to see true stabilization and a little bit of growth by the end of 2012,” D’Alicandro said.

Mortgage rates that remain about 4 percent will continue to motivate buyers as long as they last, and the shore region will remain an appealing market to home buyers, especially those looking forward to retirement, he said.

“We have an attractive place to live, near the shore, with lots of things to do, near the big cities of Philadelphia and New York, with a nice climate, and we’ve seen a tremendous increase in the quality of health care, which is important,” D’Alicandro said.

Jarrod Grasso, the chief executive officer of the New Jersey Association of Realtors, expressed a similar sentiment about the statewide market in explaining the strength of New Jersey home sales.
“The resiliency of Garden State infrastructure and industry, plus our location between the New York City and Philadelphia markets, places us in a strong position for employment and stability,” Grasso said in a statement.

Thanks to low mortgage rates and fallen housing prices, home affordability continues at record-high levels.

NAR’s Housing Affordability Index was 183.8 in the third quarter, the highest ever except for the record level in the first quarter this year. The index gauges how readily those with a median income could afford a mortgage for a median-priced home. The median is where half are higher and half lower.

A third of home purchases in the third quarter were for cash, and two-thirds of those cash buyers were investors, the Realtors said.
D’Alicandro said that with rents for homes soaring, housing makes sense as an investment again. “We’re seeing rates of return in the 9 percent to 11 percent range.

Distressed properties — either short sales or foreclosures — made up 30 percent of home sales in the quarter, down from 33 percent in the second quarter, the Realtor survey said. Those houses typically sold at a discount of about 20 percent.

D’Alicandro said that while there is a large backlog of distressed properties from the legal system’s slowdown of foreclosure processing, he doesn’t expect those to undercut demand much for normal homes.
“If you think about a 28-year-old who is exceptionally good at writing HTML code, I don’t know that he wants to buy the house that’s been sitting vacant for three years,” he said.

The 3.8 percent decline in the regional home price follows a 5.8 percent increase in area home prices in the second quarter.
The current median price in Atlantic, Cape May and Cumberland counties is about the same as it was in 2009, and 13 percent lower than it was in 2008.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”

November 1, 2011 marks the 5 Year Anniversary of Coldwell Banker Casa Bella Realtors.


The last 12 months have been perhaps the most challenging of those 5 years.  As a company, as an industry and as a Nation.  Since the Federal Tax Credit expired last year, the industry has been struggling to maintain traction and even stability…let alone momentum.


However…Several months ago, I made a commitment to reach November 1, 2011 in a state of Momentum…despite the conditions of the market.  November 1st is 5 Years.  For those who work for me and create business plans, you also know November it is the gateway to the following year.  The key to getting 14 months out of a 12 month year.  The key to being more productive.  More Profitable.  The key to why we do succeed when others simply don’t understand.


There are a lot of reasons why that committment was and is so important to me.  The quote on the Title is by Albert Einstein.  Einstein was an opportunist.  A visionary.  He saw things others did not understand.


I was not going to let November slip by….knowing the opportunity that is in front of us as a region.  Revel is due to open in the Spring of 2012.  New Jersey is getting very aggressive with it’s priority on the NextGen project.  We have one of the fastest growing undergraduate and graduate institutions in the Northeast with Stockton and one of the fastest growing regions in the country for Health Care.


The Facts: Over the period for the last 90 days. (August 1 thru October 31) I looked at a year over year comparison to determine the level of ‘Momentum’ we were able to achieve versus that of the market in general.


For that 90 day period in 2010 versus 2011…the South Jersey Shore Regional Market rescinded a scant 3% in number of closed sales.  Not bad at all considering the the tax credit had been extended into September last year.


Now that we knew the benchmark…the question was how did we fair?


For that same 90 day period:

Coldwell Banker Casa Bella Realtors was UP 33% in closed sales

&  UP 34% in closed sales volume.


Now, I didn’t bother looking up the definition of ‘Momentum’…and when I’m in Anaheim next week for the NAR Conference, perhaps I’ll ask NAR Chief Economist Dr. Lawrence Yun…


But what I will say is THANK YOU.  Thank you to:

a.) The great sales professionals that make up this company (you all deserve to take a bow)

b.) The great customers and clients who trust and then demand the most knowledgeable and talented staff to represent their interests

c.) The great industry colleagues we get to work with everyday.

d.) The ENTIRE Coldwell Banker & Realogy family…who are brilliant and kind and sharing…and fun and aggressive and innovative and entrepreneurial.  What an organization!


Thank you!

Anthony D’Alicandro, Owner/Licensed Real Estate Broker

What’s in a brand?

What’s in a ‘Brand’?

It’s funny how it could be chocolate covered potato chips…but if it’s from Trader Joes or Whole Foods…it has a different perception. Weird.

Oh yeah, that and real estate. Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC listings sell for more money. Not weird.

Fact: in Atlantic County, YTD…median price for Coldwell Banker listings sold was over 18% higher than the rest of the market.