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Homes & Estates Magazine | Spring/Summer 2012 | Arrived!! Check out the Distribution!


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Coldwell Banker Previews International has made its name by providing exceptional marketing services for the sale of exceptional real estate, and one of its most valuable components is Homes & Estates magazine. By showcasing the world’s most exquisite villas, chateaus and manor homes on the market, Homes & Estates has become one of the most widely read magazines of its kind.

In addition to being a stand-alone magazine, Homes & Estates also has an enhanced partnership with Unique Homes, the premier magazine in international luxury real estate for nearly 40 years. Each issue of Homes & Estates also appears in a special section within the full international run of Unique Homes magazine. That means exposure in two high-end real estate publications. The print and digital editions combined reach a global audience of nearly three quarters of a million affluent individuals in more than 80 countries. Homes & Estates and the Homes & Estates section in Unique Homes…. taking Coldwell Banker Previews International to a luxury audience worldwide.


The Previews program was founded in 1933 by Henderson Talbot, a young entrepreneur who was one of the first to market real estate beyond his local area. He specialized exclusively in marketing fine properties nationally and internationally, which allowed Talbot to place these luxury properties in front of the clientele who could afford this type of home. Acquired by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC in 1980, this luxury home marketing program continues to build its success through the Coldwell Banker Previews International program. Through the Previews program, Coldwell Banker has represented an impressive array of the world’s most fabulous real estate. In 2010, the Coldwell Banker Previews program participated in nearly 13,547 transactions worth $25 billion. On average, Previews handles $68.9 million in luxury home sales every day.*

TOTAL OUTREACH: Approximately: 690,000 + pass along


Published twice a year (Spring & Fall)

90,000 total print distribution

50,000 stand-alone copies sent to:

• Multi-Millionaires
• Celebrities
• Fortune 1000 Executives
• Real Estate Investors
• US Delta & US Air East Coast Shuttle Locations
• US & Intl Gateway Airline Lounges
• US Delta Airline Lounges
• US Four & Five Star Hotels & Resorts
• NRT Coldwell Banker Local Operating Companies

40,000 inserted in Unique Homes Magazine sent to:

• Domestic & International newsstands
• Unique Homes Subscribers
• Private Jet Facilities & Airline Lounges
• Owners of Homes Valued at $5 million+

600,000 digital editions sent via e-mail to:

• Affluent consumers (Domestic & International)
• Consumers with a $10 Million+ net worth
• Unique Homes e-mail subscribers


Survey: iPads are the marketing tool of the future

Email still rules, print is dead

BY INMAN NEWS, TUESDAY, APRIL 3, 2012.  Inman News®

iPad app by Coldwell Banker, available in iTunes

It’s an iPad world. More than 75 percent of the 110 real estate professionals who participated in a survey by marketing technology firm Imprev selected “iPad presentation” as the marketing tool they would most like to have.

“Drip” e-marketing campaigns placed a distant second at 35 percent, followed by websites at 29 percent, and blogs at 28 percent.

“Real estate agents are shouting that they want their iPad apps,” said Renwick Congdon, CEO of Imprev, the marketing technology firm that conducted the survey.

About 52 percent of respondents reported smartphones as their favorite hardware, followed by iPads/tablets at 26 percent, laptops at 16 percent, and desktop computers at 5 percent.

Fifty-one percent of survey respondents selected email as the most effective current marketing tool, followed by Agent website at 50 percent, virtual tours at 42 percent, printed postcards at 36 percent, and Facebook at 32 percent.

Ten years ago, according to survey respondents, the most effective marketing tools were all print-based, including newspaper display ads, postcards, fliers, newspaper classified ads and magazine display ads.

CNBC Real Estate Coorespondent Dianna Olick broadcasting from Inman Connect