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How good are you at creating tablet presentations?

In preparation for an upcoming Tablet Presentation Workshop, I decided to practice by working on a new presentation myself. Check it out.


Introducing BluePoint. Our Exclusive New Career Development Platform!

June 19, 2012

Introducing BluePoint, the Coldwell Banker brand’s new on boarding and career development tool, designed to advance a wide range of skill sets. Whether you are a sales professional new to the industry, or a more seasoned agent looking to further your career, this program has something for everyone. The new program focuses on four levels of experience:

Level I – Unlicensed & brand new individuals
Level II – Newly licensed sales professionals with less than 12 months in real estate OR less than 10 annual units
Level III – Professionals with 1-2 years of real estate experience OR 11-20 annual units
Level IV – Experienced professionals with a minimum of 21 annual units

Recommended Coldwell Banker University courses and activities have been packaged for each level to help committed agents advance to the next step in an their desired career path. Participants will have access to a packet providing the course flow relevant to an individual and allowing them to track their progress.

Management will have a similar manager’s participant packet to help track the date they assigned a course/activity and when it was completed. The manager can then determine “next steps “during regularly scheduled coaching sessions with their agents. If you would like to learn more about the BluePoint program, Consider completing one of our short skill or knowledge assessments. Or contact Anthony D’Alicandro for a confidential interview.

Have you heard about the BlueView Sales Associate Learning Portal?

Ready to amplify your skillz?

What if Dr. Seuss Wrote a Real Estate Story…

One of the many great things about being associated with an amazing international organization is networking and sharing with some of my incredibly talented colleagues.  And sometimes, we like to have a little fun..😉

The following is from my brilliant friend, Sean Carpenter who is the director of training for a large Coldwell Banker region in Central Ohio. Sean has written an extremely creative tale that suggests:  “What a real estate story from Dr. Seuss look like.”  It’s titled:  The Lovely Listings of Loretta Listopolis (and to us it’s pretty obvious Loretta is a Coldwell Banker real estate agent)

Enjoy and be sure to  follow Sean on Twitter at @seancarp.

The Lovely Listings of Loretta Listopolis

Loretta Listopolis works in the town known as Bailey
She’s a really hard worker who prospects hard daily
Real estate is her business and she’s really quite swell
So sit back and listen and her story I’ll tell…

Miss Listoplois works in an office that is pink, green and blue
It’s just two doors down from the office of Dr. Albus Magoo
And it sits on the opposite side of the street
From the place that sells lotion for your hands and your feet.

Loretta’s been licensed to sell since returning to town
After graduating from Mulberry State in her cap and her gown
She majored in sales with a minor in poli-sci
Now she’s helping her clients to sell, rent or buy.

She started by gathering all the names that she knew
Because that’s what her manager told her to do.
She started calling around to all Bailey residents
When you’re looking for business, you can’t be too hesitant.

In a matter of weeks with her inventory growing
She had to hire a team to help with her showings.
“Buyers are great,” said Loretta but she kept on insisting
That “to get to the top, I must focus on listings.”

So she practiced her dialogues and sharpened her pitch
Until she could deliver her message with nary a hitch
It was a visual delight and a great demonstration
Of how you should deliver a listing presentation.

The sellers were awed and the objections were few
Loretta made it clear she knew just what to do
“Our marketing is great, so don’t worry or fear,
But there’s one simple thing that I must make quite clear.”

“The price that we set on your house is the key.
We’ll create lots of interest, just you wait and you’ll see.
We must generate traffic in the day and the night
Then the buyers who like it, I promise they’ll write.”

“We’ll get multiple offers from the interested many
They’ll offer full price and even toss in a penny.
A frenzy will happen, they will hoot and they’ll holler
They won’t want to lose out so they’ll offer top dollar.”

Her service was awesome and her feedback was quick
Any issues were handled by her lickety-split.
If the Sellers were smart, they’d do just what she told ‘em
Loretta’s plan will work perfect and that’s how she sold ‘em.

So if you’re living near Bailey and there’s a move in your plans
Leave all the details to Loretta’s capable hands.
She means what she says and she says what she meant
Hire Loretta Listopolis because she’s worth every cent.

Hope you enjoyed it and had a smile… :-) Bravo Sean!