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How to Create Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Originally posted by Jim Flanagan on | July 16, 2012


I had inquired through a private FaceBookgroup created for real estate agents in Ocean County, NJ; “What are your 3 BIGGEST challenges in real estate today?”

Jessica was the first to respond and her first challenge was “creating a value proposition”!

Exactly what is a real estate agent’s “Value Proposition”?

To find out, I went to Zillow’s “REALTOR Reviews & Real Estate Agents” page.  I took a look at the first 3 profiles displayed by “weighted average” (none of them were from our area).  Here are the “Value Propositions” I was able to find by clicking on the links to their respective websites:

  1. Marketing Your Home For All It’s Worth
  2. We will offer you unparalleled customer service and proven results
  3. Serving Your Real Estate Needs in the Metro Baltimore Area

Now, to give these agents even more credit than their ratings already have; their websites were sharp and 2 out of the 3 had their “Value Propositions” prominently displayed in their site’s header!


Only one REALLY had “value” to me as a real estate consumer!

Can you pick out the winner?

That’s right; Marketing Your Home For All It’s Worth!


It’s UNIQUE (compared to the other 2)!  It’s SPECIFIC (Home-Seller Focused)!  It has a BENEFIT (All It’s Worth)!

So, how might we use this information to create our own “Value Proposition”?

New Rules to Creating a Value Proposition

  1. Change the name.  Title it your Unique Selling Proposition.  You are in sales after all!
  2. Clearly identify/state what makes you UNIQUE!  Example; “I get my Home-Sellers 99.9% of List Price!”
  3. Be SPECIFIC with your proposition!  Have one for your buyers and a separate one for your sellers!
  4. Tell them how working with you will BENEFIT them!  Example; “My Home-Buyers Save an Average of $8,222!”

Cut to the Chase:  Your Unique Selling Proposition is what differentiates you from every other real estate agent in your Town/City, USA.  Your potential customers and clients want to know; “What is in it for them”?  You won’t settle for average and neither will your buyer and/or seller.

This is a re-post from my local training blog but I thought it appropriate for our forum.

Image of Value_Model courtesy of Wikimedia Commons