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2014 Coldwell Banker Marketing Video

Sean BlankershipThis is a fun time of year where we celebrate the holidays with our friends and loved ones, re-charge our batteries, and take a moment to reflect on our achievements of this past year.  I am excited for the future of our Coldwell Banker marketing efforts knowing we have a lot of momentum going into 2015.

In 2014 the industry continued to return to normalcy, or what we call a more traditional market.  And all forecasts for 2015 point to opportunity for the greatest Brand in real estate, Coldwell Banker.  As we continue to evaluate our position in the marketplace, our investments in advertising, PR and digital marketing will continue to be laser focused on winning listings.

This year we began reinventing the Brand’s digital platforms, beginning with the new eMarketing program and  With innovations such as CBx, and the forthcoming all-new Coldwell Banker Works replacement, 2015 will further demonstrate that the original Silicon Valley start-up is stronger than ever. Our founders, Colbert Coldwell and Arthur Banker saw an opportunity to change the way people bought and sold real estate, and our continued efforts carry their legacy of Trust and Innovation with a little swagger!

As I look to 2015, the Brand will have a continued focus on the quality of our consumer engagements across all Marketing disciplines: Advertising, Public Relations, Digital Marketing and Social Media.  At the pillar of our strategy is the creation of exceptional content (see our blog Blue Matter). This content, designed to engage consumers across all mediums before, during and after their transaction to ensure Brand “stickiness.”  Our investments in Marketing must work harder and our ability to generate magnificent content (e.g. video, photography, blog, etc.) will be key.  Additionally, the Brand will be investing in an overhaul of our Previews® program.

Our media and creative strategy in 2014 drove consumer awareness and engagement to new levels, and resulted in some stellar performance metrics:

  1. total traffic increase of 10%
  2. Consumer leads increased by 20%
  3. Career leads increase of 3%
  4. Mobile traffic increase of 51%

And while these are the highlights, I thought you would enjoy a look back at 2014 through the eyes of our marketing leadership team – David Marine VP Brand Engagement, David Siroty VP Public Relations & Communications and Anna Visioli VP Digital Marketing.