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2014 Coldwell Banker Marketing Video

Sean BlankershipThis is a fun time of year where we celebrate the holidays with our friends and loved ones, re-charge our batteries, and take a moment to reflect on our achievements of this past year.  I am excited for the future of our Coldwell Banker marketing efforts knowing we have a lot of momentum going into 2015.

In 2014 the industry continued to return to normalcy, or what we call a more traditional market.  And all forecasts for 2015 point to opportunity for the greatest Brand in real estate, Coldwell Banker.  As we continue to evaluate our position in the marketplace, our investments in advertising, PR and digital marketing will continue to be laser focused on winning listings.

This year we began reinventing the Brand’s digital platforms, beginning with the new eMarketing program and  With innovations such as CBx, and the forthcoming all-new Coldwell Banker Works replacement, 2015 will further demonstrate that the original Silicon Valley start-up is stronger than ever. Our founders, Colbert Coldwell and Arthur Banker saw an opportunity to change the way people bought and sold real estate, and our continued efforts carry their legacy of Trust and Innovation with a little swagger!

As I look to 2015, the Brand will have a continued focus on the quality of our consumer engagements across all Marketing disciplines: Advertising, Public Relations, Digital Marketing and Social Media.  At the pillar of our strategy is the creation of exceptional content (see our blog Blue Matter). This content, designed to engage consumers across all mediums before, during and after their transaction to ensure Brand “stickiness.”  Our investments in Marketing must work harder and our ability to generate magnificent content (e.g. video, photography, blog, etc.) will be key.  Additionally, the Brand will be investing in an overhaul of our Previews® program.

Our media and creative strategy in 2014 drove consumer awareness and engagement to new levels, and resulted in some stellar performance metrics:

  1. total traffic increase of 10%
  2. Consumer leads increased by 20%
  3. Career leads increase of 3%
  4. Mobile traffic increase of 51%

And while these are the highlights, I thought you would enjoy a look back at 2014 through the eyes of our marketing leadership team – David Marine VP Brand Engagement, David Siroty VP Public Relations & Communications and Anna Visioli VP Digital Marketing.

The New Digital Experience – Where Home Begins.

Originally Posted on Coldwell Banker Blue Matter by Victoria Lee | November 7, 2014

See how the new is revolutionizing the real estate experience for buyers, sellers and agents alike.

No place has a better story than home. It begins with the first turn of the doorknob, but stays with us long after we’ve moved on and locked the door behind us.

If the walls of your home could talk, what stories would they tell? Mine might share tales of the annual 4th of July barbecue on our large back porch. Beyond the tall oaks that line the backyard is the perfect view of the local firework display. Perhaps my home would divulge that Grammy’s famous pumpkin bread recipe was perfected in the bright family kitchen. Or maybe it would divulge that the grand foyer staircase makes for the ultimate prom picture backdrop.

Our homes play an important role in the storybook of our lives, so shouldn’t they be treated like a main character? The newly redesigned does just that. Connecting buyers, sellers and agents like never before, the new Coldwell Banker® Digital Platform makes the home buying and selling process human again.

When the torch is passed from buyer to seller, the story of the home continues on. The tulips buried along the driveway will bloom again next year. The height chart notched in the back of a closet may grow with the next family. And the magnificent view will be enjoyed over many more cups of morning coffee.

Because we know that every home has a story, we’ve given you a platform to tell yours at As a homeowner, you can now be directly involved in the marketing of your home, adding your own exclusive homeowner content like stories, photos and videos. The new platform represents a true shift in the real estate experience, giving buyers, sellers and agents easy access to collaboration tools on their desktops, tablets or mobile devices.

Home buyers play an important new role in the real estate story as well. Finding a home just became the social event of a lifetime. The new Coldwell Banker websiteallows you to invite your friends and family members into the home buying process. When touring a home, you can rate key features, upload your own photos and post comments to share with your personal network. And with all of this information centralized in one digital platform, you and your Coldwell Banker agent will be connected every step of the way.

So, whether you’re just starting your home buying search, or are ready to move to your next, visit to see how we make the process a memorable.

This is where home begins.

The New

What did we do on summer break?
Just reinvented the real estate website.

Learn more about the new site
with these “How-to” videos


How to for Homeowners.

Agents Working with Buyers.

Agents Working with Sellers.




Walls Can Talk at

Whether you’re looking to buy, are ready to sell, or are ready to connect with a real estate agent, find out why the new is the location, location, location.

Originally posted by Victoria Lee on Coldwell Banker Blue Matter | November 11, 2014

The oldest adage in real estate must be “location, location, location.” And while we haven’t moved anywhere, we introduced our new digital home last week with the unveiling of the redesigned Coldwell Banker digital platforms. We think you’ll find that this is the destination where home begins.

With a strong focus on incorporating sentimental value into the real estate experience, the new Coldwell Banker digital platforms makes the story of home come alive. In the below video segment, featured first on LXTV, Sean Blankenship, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Coldwell Banker, and Anna Visioli, Vice President of Digital Marketing take us through the vision behind this new online real estate experience and share some of the functionality of the redesigned platform.
Bold, beautiful imagery, simple search, and easy online collaboration tools are just some of the features of the new platform. But, the most innovative by far, is the ability for the home seller to share the story of their home. By posting their favorite memories, photos and videos of their home, the home seller can directly participate in the marketing of their home and make their listing come to life for the potential buyer in a way not possible before.

Find out why our new home is revolutionizing the real estate experience by visiting today. Whether you’re looking to buy, are ready to sell, or are ready to connect with a real estate agent, this is the location, location, location.

Coldwell Banker Generation Blue – Executive Keynotes

Coldwell Banker COO, Mike Fischer, talks about the changing global landscape of real estate at the 2013 Coldwell Banker Generation Blue Experience in New York City.

Coldwell Banker SVP of Marketing, Sean Blankenship, takes the Gen Blue stage to discuss big data and how a brand’s voice can make a big impact in today’s real estate industry.

Casa Bella Realtors 1H13 Infographic

CasaBella YTD 2013 Inforgraphic

Win $25,000 in the Coldwell Banker Life, Camera, Action YouTube Contest

Originally posted by David Marine on Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

What’s more entertaining than seeing kids and pets on video? America’s Funniest Videos has made a living off of it. Now what’s better than winning $25,000? Not much. So why not combine these two great things into one amazing contest? Well that’s exactly what we’ve done with the Coldwell Banker Life, Camera, Action YouTube contest.

From August 22, 2013 through September 22, 2013 you can submit a video to the Coldwell Banker YouTube channel ( What we’re looking for is a tour of your home from the perspective of a child or pet or having them share what makes your house so special that it can be called home. Videos should be no longer than 2 minutes in length.

lifecameraaction Win $25,000 in the Coldwell Banker Life, Camera, Action YouTube Contest

When you submit a video you’ll then be able to vote for your video once a day, every day for the length of the contest. Share the videos with friends, relatives, and complete strangers to get as many votes as you can. On September 22nd when submissions close, the 10 videos with the most votes will be made finalists and have their videos reviewed by a panel of judges to determine who will be the $25,000 grand prize winner!

So dust off that camera or flip that smartphone on to video mode. Grab your kids, your dog, your fish or your ferret and start making a video. Who knows? It might just be worth $25,000.

For full contest details and to submit a video, go to

2013 Training Top 125 Rankings

Training is Our Top Priority…and it shows!

Training magazine’s 13th annual ranking of the top companies with employer-sponsored workforce training and development.


Each Top 125 company was measured on quantitative (70 percent of total score) and qualitative (30 percent of total score) data. Factors influencing the rankings include:

  • Training tied to business objectives
  • Demonstrable results
  • Number of trainers
  • Employee turnover and retention
  • Leadership development
  • Tuition assistance
  • Training technology and infrastructure
  • Certification
  • Training budget and percentage of payroll.

An outside research and statistical data company, under the guidance of Training magazine, scored companies on this data supplied by applicants. Then, Training Magazine editors and the Training Top 10 Hall of Famers qualitatively reviewed the applications.

Coldwell Banker again scored the highest among ALL Real Estate Companies.

3. Coldwell Banker Real Estate

41. Keller Williams Realty

78. Re/Max Real Estate

96. Century 21 Real Estate

See the full list here. Top 125.

‘We Believe in Home’ – Our 2013 Marketing Theme.

Presenting our 2013 Marketing Campaign Theme: #WeBelieve

Originally posted on Blue Matter by Mike Fischer, Coldwell Banker COO (& Atlantic City native)

Five years ago, almost to the day, I joined Coldwell Banker Real Estate.  I joined the company during a pretty bad time for real estate, as it was the beginning (or middle, depending on what part of the country you live in) of a sustained and painful real estate recession (or depression, again, depending on where you live).

But what I found once I became a part of the industry was that, as my former CEO Jim Gillespie always said, real estate professionals are realistic and rational, yet very positive people. Over these past five, tough years, I have constantly traveled the country, meeting tens of thousands of our company’s agents, managers and broker/owners. Two memories pop into my mind during these trips…

I traveled to Michigan in 2009 and met frustrated, yet surprisingly positive agents and brokers who had every reason to be down.  600 agents, the largest group I had met with at a local meeting, had traveled from all across that great state to Lansing to talk about the future and to be inspired. They couldn’t just sit around at their offices and be gloomy…because they just loved Real Estate.

I traveled to Las Vegas in 2010, and spoke at our affiliate company’s agent meeting and found the morale to be unbelievably good despite the huge setbacks they were experiencing in the local real estate market.  The owner, Bob Hamrick, a high energy, one-man can of Red Bull, electrified his agents and managers on stage and while never mincing words about the state of the market, he left them with a great sense of hope and purpose.

And I began to understand that the “purpose” is what makes this industry so special.

I came from the auto industry, and while the professionals I met there and have become close to are wonderfully smart, energetic and just really good people, I never walked away from a meeting with the belief that there was a bigger sense of purpose to what we did.  I do now.

And I began to understand that the “purpose” is what makes this industry so special.

Real Estate is at its core, a sales industry…but one with purpose.  And at Coldwell Banker, we are firm believers in this purpose.

We Believe in real estate and all the benefits it can provide.  We Believe in what a Home can do to help a person or family grow and succeed in life.  We Believe in the communities where we work and live.  We Believe that there should always be an emotional part of the real estate equation while never ignoring the rational side.  We Believe in the true Value of a Home, as wonderfully showcased in our 2012 TV commercial.  And in 2013, We Believe more than ever that a home is really your castle, and we celebrate all the memories and experiences that make it so.

Sandi Laughlin is the manager of my hometown Coldwell Banker office.  My daughters are in high school so I go to most of the high school basketball games.  And so does Sandy and her husband, even though her kids have graduated.  She Believes in our community.  Heck, she was involved in a majority of the families in the stands moving to town and finding a home.  She watched as those little Mendham kids (that raced up the stairs to claim the biggest bedroom before their brother/sister did on the day of the closing) grew to over six feet tall and are now starting for the basketball team and still boxing out the competition.  She feels the pride on Senior Day when the parents come on center court to greet their kids in front of the hometown crowd.  The feeling I’m going to have when I greet my daughter Kelly at center court when the senior Cheerleaders are introduced. And I bet Sandy will be there to watch.

At Coldwell Banker, We Believe in home and all the magical things that come with it.  And that our calling in life is to find the one that’s perfect for our clients.  Please enjoy our 2013 TV Spot, but more importantly, our purpose.

Join our conversation about all things home by following the hashtag #CBbelieves.

2012 Coldwell Banker Marketing Year in Review.

As 2012 comes to a conclusion, I hope you will agree that it indeed was a special year for us at Coldwell Banker, led by the highly successful & acclaimed Value of a Home campaign.  In additional, we saw the re-launch of Coldwell Banker Previews International,  the luxury home marketing division.  And, the introduction of the all important Real Estate Network…which solidified the relevance of our industry leading applications and technologies across all devices and media forms.

I believe we are well prepared for the turnaround in the housing market and our message struck the right chord with all our audiences.  To learn more about the accomplishments of the 2012 Marketing Campaign, take a look at Coldwell Banker Chief Marketing Officer (and Atlantic City native) Mike Fischer recap this successful year, the impact it had on metrics like web and mobile app traffic…and ultimately leads to our amazing network of highly skilled professionals!