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2012 Coldwell Banker Marketing Year in Review.

As 2012 comes to a conclusion, I hope you will agree that it indeed was a special year for us at Coldwell Banker, led by the highly successful & acclaimed Value of a Home campaign.  In additional, we saw the re-launch of Coldwell Banker Previews International,  the luxury home marketing division.  And, the introduction of the all important Real Estate Network…which solidified the relevance of our industry leading applications and technologies across all devices and media forms.

I believe we are well prepared for the turnaround in the housing market and our message struck the right chord with all our audiences.  To learn more about the accomplishments of the 2012 Marketing Campaign, take a look at Coldwell Banker Chief Marketing Officer (and Atlantic City native) Mike Fischer recap this successful year, the impact it had on metrics like web and mobile app traffic…and ultimately leads to our amazing network of highly skilled professionals!


Summer at the Jersey Shore = Backyard fun!

There are many things that make a house a home.  Warm family space.  A entertaining basement or kitchen. Often times, its even the location…proximity to the beach or schools or a favorite golf course.  But one of the main attractions about on a home…especially in the southern New Jersey region…where our summers are truly glorious… is the backyard.

Backyards are memory makers.  Think about it.  Barbeques, pool parties, decks and fire pits. It’s the space family and friends congregate around.

When I grew up…in an 18 foot wide row home in Philadelphia….we had a patio.  In my early years it was simply bricks set over top the dirt.  My job was to ‘weed’ the spaces between the bricks.  I hated that!  But one summer…my father and I pulled up all the bricks and set them back in concrete.  When we finished…we wrote our names in the corner in a small square of concrete.  The patio had a trellis with grape vines growing up and over to provide shade to the patio area below.

We also had a garden that formed a perimeter around a grass area…that as a child was large enough to play catch. Because the property was less than 20 feet wide, I quickly learned to climb fences as the ball would frequently enter a neighboring yard!

I’ve had an on again/off again relationships with gardens ever since.  It’s a time commitment for sure…but like many things in life…the benefits are so sweet!  Nothing like a caprese salad in August with a Jersey tomato still warm off the vine.  Or a ratatouille with fresh summer vegetables to accompany what you have on the grill.

Today, I’m on 3 acres…a far cry from 18 feet…and as for a garden?…well, we’ll see.  Running out of time for this summer, I have to act quick!  But whatever your memories…or your plans are…the reality is….backyards, without a doubt, hold a special place for all of us.

So let me close by sharing a video of our new Coldwell Banker TV ad that we call “Backyards.” I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Here’s to backyards and all the things that make a house a home.



Five Traits of Highly Successful People

Five Traits of Highly Successful People by Matthew Ferrara


What do highly successful people have in common? It’s not their logos, gadgets, systems, scripts or tweets. While all of these are helpful, reaching the pinnacle of your profession doesn’t come from outside. It springs from within.


After twenty years of working with organizations around the world, I can tell you with conviction: great performers start their success on the inside. They don’t reach their goals because they suddenly discover a secret formula, technology or trainer. I know as many top performers who use a pen as use Twitter. Some have elaborate systems, technologies, assistants and budgets; just as many achieve with more mundane materials. Certainly, the right tools, systems and skills can help. But one thing I’ve learned over and over: Even when you give someone the best technology, training and techniques, you don’t necessarily make them successful.

Because success starts on the inside.

Many years ago, I learned (and taught) a method of selling called Integrity Selling; It’s a brilliant but simple system that focuses on our belief systems first. Before it teaches  techniques, it asks salespeople to take a look at their core values. To improve their performance selling, they had to improve their  inner strengths first. But the same holds true for any person, in any endeavor. Which is why highly successful people often have the same things in common, on the inside, wherever we go. They include:

  • Goal Clarity. Great achievers know why they work hard, not just how to do it. They have clear, measurable and written goals for every aspect of their lives: personal, physical, spiritual and professional. They go beyond a business plan. They work on their entire selves, every day. Through their work, they achieve various rewards, financial goals, personal improvement and contributions to their family and lives. Their professional success is just one element of a much bigger momentum in their lives.
  • Drive. High performers are driven. We hear this all the time, but often wonder why are some of us are more driven than others. It’s simple: Having clear goals releases your inner drive. When you see the goals, which you deeply desire and believe you deserve, your energy will be inexhaustible to achieve them. The reverse is true: Without goals in mind, you can show up late, work half-heartedly, procrastinate, avoid unpleasant activities, and generally not give your all. At work, at home, in society.
  • Emotional Intelligence. Most people value intelligence, like “IQ” scores. We go to school to try to “improve” our intelligence for years. But equally important to success is our emotional intelligence, our ability to manage how emotions affect performance. Successful people are aware of their feelings’ impact upon their performance. They learn to channel their  to accomplish important activities (especially the blood, sweat and tears kinds). They also learn to manage their emotions so they don’t interfere with achieving the best outcomes. High performing people understand the “bridge/breaker” role of their emotions to close the knowing-doing gap between where they are today, and where they want to go.
  • Social Savvy. Successful people aren’t necessarily outgoing or gregarious. They don’t talk others into the deal, or their way of thinking. Many are great.  Some are reserved, even shy (think: George Washington). But all have learned to adjust their personal behavior to different people and situations.  It doesn’t mean they are faking it; but it does mean they adjust their communications and interpersonal behavior styles to best reach each individual they meet. They lead others by learning to interact with them in a way that permits a mutual exchange of value. Not a victory of one personality over another.
  • Curiosity.  Top performers are curious. They are interested in trends, new ways of creating value, interesting ideas and emerging technologies. They are willing to listen – not necessarily adopt – and explore opportunities. In fact, high achieving people learn to be more curious over time. Being curious helps them adapt to change, try different techniques, and most importantly, keep their minds open habitually. A healthy sense of curiosity protects them from accepting defeats and drives them to seek pathways around obstacles.
There have been a great variety of successful people in history, each with their own style, personality, vision and contribution. Some have changed the lives of millions, others have left their impact on a personal few. But no matter what the scale of their achievements, we see these five traits repeatedly in their journeys. Wherever they started financially, socially, technologically or intellectually, it was the degree to which developed these traits that mattered the mostEach of us can choose to develop them, too, in our lives, wherever we are, whatever we hope to achieve.

They are free. It’s up to us. Success is always so close: Because it’s always within.

To see more of Matthew’s great contribution to the industry…visit him at  and check out his Learning Network here!


Introducing the Big 5! The 2012 Internet Marketing Campaign

D’Alicandro named Realtor of the Year

Anthony D’Alicandro (Click name to read the entire release)

The Press of Atlantic City Posted: Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Atlantic City & County Board of Realtors has selected Anthony D’Alicandro as its 2011 Realtor of the Year.

D’Alicandro is serving as the 2011-2012 president of the ACCBOR board of directors.

He is currently founding the first Southern New Jersey Young Professional Network. He also serves on the Egg Harbor Township Economic Development Commission and has formed a real estate advisory panel to work on the Tourism District in Atlantic City.

D'Alicandro named Realtor of the Year

The Role of Lifestyle Trends in Searching for a Home

By David Marine, Senior Director, Consumer Experience, Coldwell Banker

The video below is a segment we did with NBC’s LXTV Open House. If you’re not watching Open House on the weekends, you should absolutely check it out as it’s one of the freshest and interesting real estate programs out there. But anyway, Coldwell Banker Real Estate was the first real estate company to launch a lifestyle search feature on a real estate website. We didn’t just do that to be cool and be the first (maybe that was part of it), but the main reason was because there’s a significant trend among real estate consumers that shows their lifestyle is a major player in the home or neighborhood they choose to live in.

Take a look at the video and see how lifestyle trends are playing a bigger role in the search for a home:

Begin your Lifestyle Home Search Now! Have some fun with it! Make it a family project!

13,780 Homes Sold Yesterday


To all those who have declared the real estate market dead, we want you to know that over 13,780 houses sold yesterday, 13,780 will sell today and 13,780 will sell tomorrow.

That is the average number of homes that sell each and every day in this country according to the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) latest Existing Home Sales Report. NAR reported that sales had increased 7.7% over the month before and 18.6% over the year before. According to the report, annualized sales now stand at 5.03 million. Divide that number by 365 (days in a year) and we can see that, on average, well over 13,000 homes sell every day.

We realize that these numbers are below the record for homes sold in 2006. We also know that we may never see those numbers again (and that is probably a good thing). But to say that the current real estate market is dead or that houses are not selling is totally inaccurate. We have over 13,000 pieces of evidence to prove that.

Summertime Selling Tips

Summertime Selling Tips
by Carla Hill

Summertime can be a great season to sell your house. Why? During these hot months, your landscaping and outdoor spaces come alive. Today’s buyers are looking for extended living areas and love usable outdoor space.

According to HGTV, outdoor spaces can bring in big bucks. Jon Seppala, president of Action Builders, notes, “Backyards and outdoor patios have to be much more substantial than in the past. Built-in grills, outdoor fireplaces, gazebos — people are looking for these features. We’ve had people who have fallen in love with the house and have decided to buy before they walked in the front door.”

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has also identified a trend, noting during a recent panel that young homebuyers (Gen Xers) are looking for homes with a connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, even in colder climates, to create the perception of greater home size, even if the space is only usable for part of the year.”

Here are some tips to take advantage of Summer selling.

First, keep your home cool. Have your AC turned up to a comfortable level during showings and open houses. If you live in a region where you don’t have or need AC, be sure that you use fans or open windows for breezes to create a nice atmosphere. The last thing you need is a prospective buyer distracted by sweat or humidity. You want them focused on your wonderful home!

Heat also has a way of bringing out the worst of smells in our home. To hold these deal breakers at bay, have your carpets cleaned when you list your home for sale. Next, roll up your sleeves and be sure you clean your home before any showing. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchen are notoriously stinky. Focus your attention on these!

When your home is listed for sale, it’s your responsibility as the seller to keep your yard, landscaping, and pool maintained. Overgrown trees, shrubs, and lawns not only seriously depreciate curb appeal, they can also turn a buyer off.

If you are unable to stay on top of this task each week, hire local workers to keep your yard looking in top shape. This expense will come back to you when you make the sale.

Landscaping is expensive and buyers know this. Why not showcase one of your most valuable assets? Trim existing trees to their best advantage. Have gardens, paths, benches, and pool ready for enjoying. Buyers know that a fully landscaped yard will save them time and money. Plus, it’s already ready to enjoy.

As a courtesy to prospective buyers, you may also consider compiling a list of locally recommend handy men, gardeners, and pool maintenance companies.

Finally, staging patios and porches is important. From family gatherings to al fresco meals, these hot spots get lots of use.

Start your staging with a thorough cleaning. Powerwashing decks, patios, and furniture can make dirty items look new again. For furniture that needs a bit more TLC, apply a fresh coat of paint. Next, stage for an “event.” Replace wornout cushions and invest in simple outdoor accessories. A selective arrangement of candles, glasses, and even a nice table setting can be the icing on the staging cake.

The bottom line is that caring for the outdoor living spaces of your home can make or break a sale during the Summer. Take full advantage of all your home has to offer.

Published: June 15, 2011

Here is an ‘Offer you Can’t Refuse’…

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The house used to film The Godfather is on the market for $2.9 Million. Still owned by the original family that allowed the movie to be filmed in exchange for a new roof. Who could say 'no' to that offer!! This incredible Staten Island Estate features 12 rooms, 6,250 sq. ft. and of course was the set of one of the greatest movies of all time.

2010 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers: Subregional Profiles

 See how buyers in the mid Atlantic Region compare to the Pacific and Mountain Region, with this detailed PowerPoint, broken down by region and demographics. Data comes from the 2010 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.