Understanding the Psychology of Owning a Home

To better understand how Americans feel about owning a home…post recession, Coldwell Banker Real Estate recently teamed up with Dr. Robi Ludwig, a psychotherapist & TV Commentator in New York City.

“Clearly the recession has had an impact and one of the questions American’s have is the value of homeownership. I believe the home has a deep psychological value that goes beyond the financial investment so we decided to get straight to the source and survey more than 2,100 Americans to get a sense of their state of mind following the recession.” explains Dr. Ludwig. 

“It caused me to reflect personally about my first real home, as well. My parents recently sold my childhood home in New Jersey. They were excited to move to a new community, but I was surprised at my own feelings of loss and then nostalgia. Then again, this was a home that hosted happy occasions, school pep rallies, prom photos, Thanksgiving dinners – it was essentially another character in our family, and that it was natural to feel this strong emotional pull.”   Learn more about the survey and our understanding of the ‘Value of a Home’ by watching the brief interview.

Wow…the home as a ‘extension’ or a ‘character’ in the family!  That’s powerful…and I couldn’t agree more!  It made me think about the home I grew up and lived in for nearly 20 years, in Fishtown.  As of right now…that represents half my life.  When my parents sold the home over 10 years ago, it took a little while to sink in that the chapter was over.  But the memories prevail.  My brother now owns a home across the street…and I love visiting and seeing the neighborhood.  Seeing familiar faces, storefronts, the bus, the ‘el’.  You simply can’t attach a value to those memories.  It’s part of who I am.

Fishtown, Philadelphia, PA

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