For over a decade and a half, we have subscribed to the principles & fundamentals of the Mike Ferry Organization(MFO) and the Mike Ferry Sales System.

While we have no exclusivity to MFO and also subscribe to other great trainers and industry advocates such as our good friend Matthew Ferrara, Brian Buffini & Tom Ferry, we like to make this MFO Sales System series a part of our ‘First 30 days’ outline for new agent orientation.

The MFO mission is:

To provide effective coaching, seminars and audio/video training products that improve and enrich the productivity, profitability, and lifestyle of our Real Estate clients. To uphold the integrity and trust of our clients as individuals and the Real Estate industry as a whole.

Here is the entire Mike Ferry Sales System Series with individual videos for each of the 22 subjects/chapters.


 Zan Monroe of Ninja Selling was one of the great mainstage presenters of this year’s “Generation Blue Experience”, the Coldwell Banker International Conference (or GenBlue as it had become known).

This post could have easily gone under mindset or Skills.  I hope you enjoy it as much as the conference attendees did live!