Summer at the Jersey Shore = Backyard fun!

There are many things that make a house a home.  Warm family space.  A entertaining basement or kitchen. Often times, its even the location…proximity to the beach or schools or a favorite golf course.  But one of the main attractions about on a home…especially in the southern New Jersey region…where our summers are truly glorious… is the backyard.

Backyards are memory makers.  Think about it.  Barbeques, pool parties, decks and fire pits. It’s the space family and friends congregate around.

When I grew up…in an 18 foot wide row home in Philadelphia….we had a patio.  In my early years it was simply bricks set over top the dirt.  My job was to ‘weed’ the spaces between the bricks.  I hated that!  But one summer…my father and I pulled up all the bricks and set them back in concrete.  When we finished…we wrote our names in the corner in a small square of concrete.  The patio had a trellis with grape vines growing up and over to provide shade to the patio area below.

We also had a garden that formed a perimeter around a grass area…that as a child was large enough to play catch. Because the property was less than 20 feet wide, I quickly learned to climb fences as the ball would frequently enter a neighboring yard!

I’ve had an on again/off again relationships with gardens ever since.  It’s a time commitment for sure…but like many things in life…the benefits are so sweet!  Nothing like a caprese salad in August with a Jersey tomato still warm off the vine.  Or a ratatouille with fresh summer vegetables to accompany what you have on the grill.

Today, I’m on 3 acres…a far cry from 18 feet…and as for a garden?…well, we’ll see.  Running out of time for this summer, I have to act quick!  But whatever your memories…or your plans are…the reality is….backyards, without a doubt, hold a special place for all of us.

So let me close by sharing a video of our new Coldwell Banker TV ad that we call “Backyards.” I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Here’s to backyards and all the things that make a house a home.



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